Autism Research Network

Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth

The Autism Research Network (ARN) aims to integrate research and practice in order to improve the lives of autistic people and their families. The network works closely with families, adults within the spectrum, policy makers, practitioners and local charities to ensure research findings are translated into practice. ARN is a partnership set up by the University of Portsmouth in collaboration with Portsmouth City Council, Autism Hampshire, Portsmouth Autism Support Network and the Autism Wessex.

Research projects 

The Autism Research Network is involved in research programmes investigating the development of autism auditory perception and understanding of people's action. For more information click here

Research publications

The Autism Research Network publishes a periodical, Research Update which provides research summaries in lay terms on specific areas relevant to autism. You can download these publications from the links provided below.

Issue 1: Sensory issues

Issue 2: Employment

Issue 3: Relationships

Issue 4: Women

Issue 5: Diet

Issue 6: Diagnosis

Issue 7: Interventions

Issue 8: Challenging Behaviours

Issue 9: Anxiety

Issue 10: Early Signs of Autism

Issue 11: Quality of Life

Issue 12: Autism and Epilepsy

Issue 13: Early intensive behavioural interventions

Issue 14: Sleep problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Issue 15: Positive Contibution

Issue 16: Autism and Sport

Issue 17: Motor Skills

Issue 18: Non Verbal Communication


Autism Research Network Meetings

IV Annual Meeting (July 2012) - Transition to adulhood in autism

Key note speakers included Gill O'Leary and Linda Burgess (Hampshire County Council), Nick Hodge (Sheffield Hallam University), Dr Catherine Tissot (Institute of Education, University of Reading).  There were also two workshops, one on counselling delivered by Mark Haydon-Laurelut and one on careers and employment developed by Dr Beatriz López.

Seminar Series funded by the British Psychological Society

III Annual Meeting, Seminar 3- Autism development (July 2011). This meeting focussed on how autism develops over time. Speakers included Dr Graham Schafer (University of Reading), Leonard (University of London, Goldsmith), Adam Feinstein author of the book ‘A history of autism: Conversations with the pioneers’ and three adults with ASC.

II Annual Meeting, Seminar 2- Integrating approaches to autism intervention Autism and Self (July 2010). This was an opportunity for autism researchers, parents and practitioners to discuss the latest developments in autism interventions. Speakers included Dr Suzanne Zeedyk (University of Dundee), Dr Carolyn Smith (Consultant Clinical and Educational Psychologist, Isle of Wight) and Dr Beatriz López (University of Portsmouth).

I Annual Meeting, Seminar 1- Autism and Self (November 2009).  This meeting focused on autism and the self. Speakers included a range of international and local speakers such as Dan Zahavi, Peter and Jessica Hobson and Vasu Reddy. The meeting was very successful with an attendance of 80 delegates. 

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Other Research Projects

Wellbeing in Grandparents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - research project.

Research about how children and young people are helped to understand their autism/Asperger diagnosis.