Quality Assurance

Autism Hampshire is committed to delivering high quality autism focussed services in a timely, efficient and effective manner to our adult service users, their families and others who have an interest in supporting people within the autism spectrum. We see quality as the whole organisation working together and with others to ensure we do the right things in the right way.

We have identified the following principles to help us become a Centre of Excellence:

We want to:

  • Understand the impact autism has on lives of individuals and support them to manage that impact
  • Put the needs and wants of our service users at the heart of everything we do
  • Lead, motivate and support our staff to provide the best services possible
  • Develop the skills of our staff and actively involve them in developing and improving our services
  • Work as a team with all those involved in the delivery of services to people within the autism spectrum to achieve shared aims
  • Work in harmony with our neighbours and local communities to provide a supportive, safe and sustainable environment for all
  • Work in defined ways to provide consistent, efficient and effective autism focussed services based on the individual's requirements
  • Make informed decisions based on facts
  • Focus on achieving the best outcomes for all those involved in Autism Hampshire
  • Reflect on past performance, consider new developments and continually improve our knowledge and services

Team Work

All our processes follow the continual improvement cycle:

  • Agree objectives and requirements with those involved in the process
  • Plan the best way to meet those needs
  • Undertake the planned activities, complying with relevant standards, legislation and regulations
  • Check that the objectives and requirements are being met and take corrective action when necessary
  • Review current performance, future needs and changes and identify actions to develop and improve our processes and services

Assessment, Audits and Inspections

Our services are regulated by CQC who monitor our compliance through various sources including Self Assessment Reports and Inspection Visits. Please see their website for details of the regulations and standards with which we comply and copies of our latest Inspection reports.

We regularly review the support we provide to individuals through our Individual Learning and Support Framework and actively involve them in these reviews.  We also carry out regular self assessments, quality, Health and Safety visits to our services and carry out Person Centred Quality Audits.