Recent research has shown that there are 2 main barriers to employment faced by job seekers with autism:-

  1. 1.       Lack of Understanding by Employers
  2. 2.       Failure to Identify Reasonable Adjustments

With that in mind, Autism Hampshire is about to embark on an initiative to manage funded projects within Hampshire to look at employability pathways for people with Autism. These grants are to support people with autism along the pathway to employment and to support organisations to reach and employ adults over the age of 18 with autism.  We are working with key Partners to look at routes to employment and will be looking for project participants with autism to take part. Project participants should

  • have a diagnosis of autism
  • be seeking work or
  • wish to seek work
  • be able to access the computer for help and support.

Some project participants will also be able to try out a new concept internet program being developed. If you want to take part please email 

More information will be posted over the coming months.