At Autism Hampshire we actively support innovation and develop projects that enable us to enhance and grow the services we offer our clients. 

Taking part in our innovation projects helps us to enhance the delivery and experience of services for the people we support. 

Autism Hampshire is currently looking for adults on the autism spectrum that are interested in learning new skills and progressing along the pathway to employment. Are you on the autism spectrum? Would you like to develop skills and confidence that help you move towards employment?

We are looking for 80 people with autism to take part in our newest project. To be eligible participants must

  • Live in the geographical county of Hampshire (See specific areas within the form that needs completion below)
  • Be eligible to work 
  • Be of employment age
  • Be willing to attend employment skills workshops
  • 36 participants will be able to complete an ‘Individual Employment Profile’; an online tool, devised by Portsmouth University’s Autism Centre for Research into Employment (ACRE).

If you are keen to get into employment and would like to take part, please complete this form and email it to the employment pathways project manager or call her on 01489 880881 ext. 220
You will be contacted by Kaye or a member of her team within 2 weeks of your interest.


 Autism and Neurodiversity Toolkit for staff and managers

Autism Alliance have developed a toolkit with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to help staff and managers work more effectively with people on the autism spectrum. This resource supports awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions and provides practical guidance for supporting people who have neurodiverse conditions into employment. You can access this toolkit here: