An independent TV production company called betty are looking for people who think they may have traits of autism but have not been diagnosed to take part in a one off special for Channel 4. 

How Autistic Are You? (working title) is a one-off special for Channel 4. It's estimated that 1 in 100 Brits have an Autism Spectrum Condition, but some scientists now believe the real number could be tens of thousands more, with all of us carrying some of the genes for autism and which affect our behaviour and the way we communicate.

We’ll work alongside the National Autistic Society to try to demystify one of Britain’s most misunderstood neurological disorders. Overseen by experts from the University of Cambridge, UCL and King's College London, we’ll present a new way for viewers to visualize where they are on the spectrum of autistic traits, and a team of autistic people will also take to the streets to try to teach the public what it really means to be autistic.

A team of renowned experts will test members of the public for some of the most common traits of autism. The tests themselves will be an exciting mix of physical and psychological assessments, designed using the latest scientific research, and overseen by leading experts in the field. We’re looking for people who think they show autistic traits, or who believe they might be autistic but have not been diagnosed, to take part in the show.

TV Flyer


Volunteers will have the opportunity to speak to leading experts in the field, and will be suitably supported throughout the experience.