Autism Hampshire will be holding 6 free Autism Support and Information workshops for families of children and young people on the autism spectrum, across Hampshire.

Workshop Details

The aim of the sessions are to provide advice and support on the various aspects of autism that parents could encounter prior, during or following a child's assessment & diagnosis. Each session will cover a different aspect of autism with the aim of increasing the understanding of each child’s unique way of looking at the world, and how this may show itself in how a child behaves.

It is beneficial to start at the beginning and work through the 6 sessions, as they are designed to create a context for the final session which focuses on behaviour.

If, however, you are unable to attend any of the workshops, there will be the option to catch up on the next course.

What will happen at the group?

Each workshop session is 3 hours long. The first part consists of a presentation after which there will be an opportunity to put questions to a panel comprising of representatives from Autism Hampshire and CAMHS.

If you prefer a less public forum, you may also book a 15 minute 1:1 slot with any of the panel members.


Workshop 1 - Introduction into Autism

This session will give a brief overview and understanding of autism.

Workshop 2 - Communication

This session will be focused around speech, language and the links with behaviour and support strategies for developing communication.

Workshop 3 - Social Interaction

During this session social Interaction, bullying & anxiety will be discussed.

Workshop 4– Thinking

This session will focus on how a person on the autism spectrum thinks and strategies to support them, such as visual schedules, will be covered.

Workshop 5 - Sensory Perception

During this session we will be looking at sensory perception, including relationships with food, associated behaviour and anxiety.

Workshop 6 - Behaviour

This session will focus on behaviour and anxiety.

Courses - Will be held 10am - 1pm at the following locations and on the following dates:

For Booking Information T 02380 766 162 E

Calmore Community Centre
Calmore Drive
SO40 8ZU

  • Wednesday 20th September - Communication
  • Wednesday 18th October - Social Interaction
  • Wednesday 22nd November - Thinking
  • Wednesday 20th December - Sensory Perception

Oak Park
8 Lavant Drive

  • Tuesday 19th September - Communication
  • Tuesday 17th October - Social Interaction
  • Tuesday 21st November - Thinking
  • Tuesday 19th December - Sensory Perception

Osborn Centre
Osborn Road
PO16 7ES

  • Tuesday 12th September - Communications
  • Tuesday 10th October - Social Interaction
  • Tuesday 14th November - Thinking
  • Tuesday 12th December - Sensory Perception

Wells Place Centre
Wells Place
SO50 5LJ

  • Wednesday 11th October - Autism Overview
  • Wednesday 15th November - Communication
  • Wednesday 13th December - Social Interaction

Basingstoke CAMHS
Bramblys Drive
RG21 8UN

  • Thursday 5th October - Autism Overview
  • Thursday 9th November - Communication
  • Thursday 7th December - Social Interaction
  • Aldershot Centre for Health

CAMHS 3rd Floor
Hospital Hill
GU11 1AY

  • Friday 6th October - Autism Overview
  • Friday 10th November - Communication
  • Friday 8th December - Social Interaction
  • Friday 12th January - Thinking
  • Friday 2nd February - Sensory Perception
  • Friday 2nd March - Behaviour

Winchester and Test Valley CAMHS
24-32 London Street
SP10 2PE

  • Tuesday 31st October - Autism Overview
  • Tuesday 28th November - Communication
  • Friday 15th December - Social Interaction

Southampton CAMHS 
Community Access Southampton Office
3 Bassett Avenue
SO16 7DP

  • Friday 10th November - Autism Induction
  • Friday 17th November - Communication
  • Friday 24th November - Social Interaction
  • Friday 12th January 2018 - Sensory
  • Friday 19th November 2018 - Behaviour
  • Friday 26th January 2018 - Autism Induction
  • Friday 2nd February 2018 - Communication
  • Friday 9th February 2018 - Social Interaction
  • Friday 16th February 2018 - Sensory
  • Friday 2nd March 2018 - Behaviour