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Our Information and Advice Officers are available on the telephone, by email or by appointment at our Whiteley near Fareham Office or Portsmouth office

Information and Advice Service

The Information and Advice team offers a wide range of free services to support individuals, families and professionals and to raise autism awareness.

We are available on the telephone, by email or by appointment at our Whiteley or Portsmouth offices. Autism Hampshire offers an information and advice service for adults, young people and children on the autism spectrum, their parents, carers and professionals. The service is available free of charge for people in Hampshire including Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

General Enquiries Tel: 023 80 766162


Information and Advice Offices:

Autism Hampshire, 1646 Parkway, Whiteley, Fareham PO15 7AH Tel: 023 80 766162

Frank Sorrell Centre, Prince Albert Road, Southsea, Hampshire PO4 9HR, Tel: 023 9281 4723

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The team have extensive information and knowledge of Hampshire wide autism related services. They offer information, advice, guidance, support and signposting.

The team also present and attend events to offer support and advice and to raise autism awareness.

This service is available pre, during and post diagnosis. They support adults, young people and children on the autism spectrum.

You can contact them by telephone or e-mail. They can offer a telephone or a face to face meeting by appointment in their Portsmouth office.


Artist Deborah Ireland describes the support she received from Autism Hampshire's Information and Advice service and how it helped her as the parent of a child who is on the autism spectrum.

The Information and Advice Department is funded through Southampton City Council and CCG, Portsmouth Council and a Hampshire County Council Adult Services Grant to offer support for adults with autism, their families and those connected to them, professionals and the wider autism community.

The Service is based in Southampton and Portsmouth, but also offers drop-in sessions across Hampshire. The Support Service provides advice, guidance signposting and support to:

  • People who do not yet have an autism diagnosis or who have been referred by their GP for a diagnosis
  • People after a diagnosis of autism, with specific face-to-face support in helping people understand their diagnosis, what is means for them, and how to make plans to make their life better
  • People on the autism spectrum, their families and other people involved in the person’s life and professionals pre diagnosis, during a diagnosis and post diagnosis. The advice, guidance, signposting and support is on-going, for as long as a person wishes
  • People who feel they present with autism characteristics, but do not have a formal diagnosis of autism, their families, others involved in the person’s life and professionals.
  • Anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of autism. Autism Hampshire manages the Local Autism Directory (LAD) and is able to signpost to a variety of services and information.

To contact the Hampshire Autism Support Service, contact Community Access - Autism Hampshire:

Email:, Tel: 023 80 766162

Autism Alert Programme

Our Autism Alert programme supports people who are on the autism spectrum should they find themselves in any type of contact with the police or other emergency services. There is a wallet card, a car badge and an autism assistant app; all of which are provided free for any Hampshire resident.

For more information or to request a card or the app, please contact our Information and Advice team.

Spectra5 Autism Assistant App

To find out more about our Spectra5 Autism Assistant App and to apply for yours, please click here.

Autism Alert - Wallet Card

This yellow card should be carried at all times and shown to the police or emergency services in the case of an incident, enabling them to offer appropriate support and contact a named person listed on the back of the card.

Autism Alert - Car Badge

The yellow Autism Alert car badge is to be placed with information facing inwards, blank side outwards, in the bottom left hand corner of the windscreen. It is designed to fit in a windscreen permit holder. In the event of an incident, emergency services would be able to identify that a person who is on the autism spectrum may be on board.

In addition these can be place strategically in your home so that if emergency services attend you at home, they are aware that someone in the house is on the autism spectrum.

We operate a well-stocked library with specialist books on all aspects of autism which are free to borrow.

Please call 023 80 766162 to arrange a visit to the library.

Resources that may help people with autism are available to borrow for a short time or to view.

Items such as weighted blankets, ear defenders and timers are made available to borrow for a small deposit.

Serendipity Groups

Autism Hampshire Serendipity Social groups are for adults who are on the autism spectrum. The groups were started in response to requests for more social opportunities and the chance to meet other people who are on the autism spectrum. They are free to attend and provide a safe, friendly environment to share interests and meet new people.

Click here for more information about Autism Hampshire's Serendipity social groups and events:

Other Groups

The Information and Advice team host a variety of opportunities to get together for families, parents and carers, to share experiences and to meet other people. These are free to attend, and take place in a variety of venues across the county.

A wide variety of groups are run by other organisations to support people with autism, parents and carers.We keep a regularly updated list of all local groups and list them on the Local Autism Directory, under the "Groups, clubs and forums" category.

Members of the Community Access Department regularly give informal talks or presentations on aspects of autism to groups and professionals. Please contact the team for more information.

The National Autistic Society website provides increased awareness and understanding of autism. It also details some useful examples of autism awareness training that currently exists.


Every day working in Information and Advice is different, every individual, parent/ carer or professional that comes to us has a different question or support need. At times my role can be very challenging but when someone tells you that the advice given has made a difference to their lives it is worth every minute. I am lucky that I work with a wonderful team of people and together our mission is to support people through any challenges that they are facing to enable them to embrace the autism spectrum within their lives.

Katie - Information and Advice Officer



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