Local Councils

Autism Hampshire is funded by a range of providers from across the region

Each of the local providers has a slightly different way of dealing with diagnosis referrals, which are explained in more detail below.

Hampshire’s Autism Support Service

Community Access - Autism Hampshire is funded by an Adult Services Grant to offer support for autistic adults, their families and those connected to them, professionals, and the wider autism community.

The Service is based in Southampton but also offers drop-in sessions across Hampshire. The Support Service provides advice, guidance signposting and support to:

  • People who do not have an autism diagnosis or who have been referred by their GP for a diagnosis
  • People after a diagnosis of autism, with specific face-to-face support in helping people understand their diagnosis, what is means for them, and how to make plans to make their life better
  • Autistic people, their families, other people involved in the person’s life and professionals pre-diagnosis, during a diagnosis and post-diagnosis. The advice, guidance, signposting and support is on-going, for as long as a person wishes
  • People who feel they present with autism characteristics, but do not have a formal diagnosis of autism, their families, others involved in the person’s life and professionals.
  • Anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of autism. Autism Hampshire manages the Local Autism Directory (LAD) and is able to signpost to a variety of services and information.

Southampton City Autism Assessment, Diagnostic and Support Services

These services are designed to assess and diagnose Autism in adults, children and young people, and then offer help and support through Autism Hampshire.

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them. Autistic people share certain difficulties, but their condition can affect them in different ways. Some autistic people are able to live relatively independent lives, but others may have accompanying learning disabilities, and need a lifetime of specialist support. People are normally referred to our services through their GP or another health professional.

Our Local Autism Directory can be found here. These services are commissioned by Southampton City CCG and Southampton City Council, and are run in partnership with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Solent NHS Trust and Autism Hampshire.

Referring children and young people

The Child & Adolescent Autism Service is provided for children and young people up to their 19th birthday, and is carried out in clinic locations across the city depending on the child or young person’s needs.

How they can help

There is a single point of access for all referrals to the service, which are discussed at a monthly Autism panel meeting. All children and young people accepted for an assessment will have an assessment co-ordinator who will provide information to families regarding the process for assessment and diagnosis.

Get access to this service

Referrals to the assessment service are by a GP or paediatrician.

You can refer in writing to: Child & Adolescent Autism Service, Autism Case Co-ordinator, Mailpoint CAM, A Level, Royal South Hants Hospital, Southampton, SO14 OYG

This service is offered by Solent NHS Trust, more information can be found here, or you can call the Trust on 023 8231 0981.

Referring adults

They provide an assessment service for adults with autism in Southampton.

Everyone over the age of 18 in the Southampton city area is entitled to an assessment of their needs. They will normally have an initial assessment from a specialised autism practitioner and in some cases a specialist psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or speech and language therapist.

How they can help

  • Diagnosing people who may have autism.
  • Providing family, staff and organisations with advice and information.

Making referrals after an assessment to other health and social care services on your behalf If you’re not eligible for support from their services, they will always try to offer you advice on where you can get help.

Get access to this service

Referrals to this service are by a GP or other mental health or learning disability service. You can refer in writing to: Deborah Brown, Thomas Lewis House, 236 Empress Road, Southampton, SO14 0YJ

This service is offered by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The Portsmouth Autism Service provides diagnostic and cognitive and communicative assessments. The diagnostic service from Surrey & Borders Partnership Foundation NHS Trust works in close collaboration with the support service provided by Autism Hampshire.

How to access the Diagnostic Assessment Service

If GPs want to refer an adult, registered with a Portsmouth GP, for an autism assessment please make the referral by sending a letter by secure email to RXX.portsmouth-asd-diagnostic-serviceSABP@nhs.net or Fax : 01372 202 138. Please provide your patient with this information.

How long and how many times will I be seen?

You will initially receive a diagnostic assessment lasting approximately three hours with the Autism Specialist practitioner. The in-depth assessment usually takes place on a single day with a two hour appointment with the Psychologist and two hour appointment with the Speech Therapist and a lunch break in between.

Informative, Advice & Guidance - Portsmouth, Autism Hampshire Support

Support from an Information, Advice & Guidance Officer is available to you pre-, during and post-diagnosis. Referral can be from yourself, from Surrey & Borders Partnership Foundation NHS Trust, from another professional or from a family member (with your consent). We are based in the Frank Sorrell Centre, Prince Albert Road, Southsea PO4 9HR.

What happens after the assessment?

The diagnostic process will offer the diagnosis and also recommendations agreed with you, for you and how to support you after that process . At the feedback appointment the options of in-depth assessments will be discussed with you. At this stage with your consent you can be referred to Autism Hampshire Community Access – Portsmouth who provide by appointment a follow on Post Diagnostic Support session to help you work out any future help.

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