At Autism Hampshire we actively support innovation and develop projects that enable us to enhance and grow the services we offer our clients 

Taking part in our innovation projects helps us to enhance the delivery and experience of services for the people we support. 

Autism Hampshire is currently working with adults on the autism spectrum who are interested in learning new skills and progressing along the pathway to employment? Employment Pathways Project Leaflet

We are not currently accepting new participants onto our Employmnets Pathways Project, but if you would like to express interest in future autism specific employment support opportunities please email:

If you are interested in working for Autism Hampshire then please visit our current vacancies page

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Information and Support for Employers

Autism an Untapped Resource – Free* Workshops for Business Owners, HR Directors

Autism Hampshire’s Employment Pathway project team have run Hampshire-wide workshops to empower Business Owners, HR Directors and those with Recruitment and Selection responsibilities to better understand autism and how they can support people on the autism spectrum through the recruitment process and into work.

Common traits of people on the autism spectrum include loyalty, attention to detail, high level of technical ability – assets that many employers seek, and yet many struggle to get through the recruitment and interview process because of a lack of awareness as to the simple adjustments that can be made to support candidates on the autism spectrum.

Only 16% of people on the autism spectrum are in full time work and 32% in part time work* – Autism Hampshire are trying to change this locally. Autism is a hidden disability affecting around 1 in 100 people .  

**Source National Autistic Society

If you would be interested in attending future workshops please email to express interest:


Autism and Neurodiversity Toolkit for staff and managers

Autism Alliance have developed a toolkit with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to help staff and managers work more effectively with people on the autism spectrum. This resource supports awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions and provides practical guidance for supporting people who have neurodiverse conditions into employment. You can access this toolkit here: