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The Community Access Department is also involved in various projects throughout Hampshire:

Autism Alert Programme


Autism Alert Card

Alert Cards, Car Stickers and The Autism Passport are available free of charge from the Community Access department.  The Alert Card and Car Sticker are for people with an Autism diagnosis and are recognised by Hampshire Police, Hampshire Police Authority, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service and South Central Ambulance Service to ensure that a person with Autism can be identified and supported in an appropriate manner.  The application form for the Alert Card is available to download here. Please return to Community Access - Southampton, 3 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, SO16 7DP. Replacement cards are charged at £1.00.

Autism Alert App

The Autism Alert App has been produced in partSmart phone showing Autism Alert Appnership with Crimson Tide and Premier Telecom. The App, mpro Autism, functions as an Identity Card, which individuals can download from the Apple App Store & Google Playstore and keep on their smartphone. Should the individual find themselves in a situation with a member of the general public, police or emergency services they can present the App in order to communicate their condition. You control when you chose to use it and who you show it to. 

Smart Phone Loans - we have a limited number of smart phones which we can loan to people who would like to try the app but don't have a smart phone.

Click here to download an Alert App Information Sheet

Click here to download an Alert App Privacy Statement

Click here to download an Alert App application form

Click here to download a smart phone loan application form

Autism Passport 

The Autism Passport with the permission of the individual will be linked into the Hampshire Constabulary’s Safety Net System.  This will allow Criminal Justice System professionals access to information and strategies to support individuals with Autism during their journey through the Criminal Justice System and as a Witness or Victim of crime.  Our partners involved in this are the Police, Police Authority, HMCS (magistrates), Duty Solicitors, Youth Offending Team, HM Prison Winchester and Probation.  If you wish to have the Autism Passport, please call Community Access on 023 8063 3951 to make an appointment with an Community Access Officer at our office in Southampton.


Autism Hampshire, in partnership with Hampshire Police, launched the Autism Alert Programme on 7th October 2008.  The aim of the Autism Alert Programme is to support people with Autism Spectrum Condition should they find themselves in any type of contact with the Police. The card should be carried at all times and shown to an Officer in the case of an incident or situation. The Police will be able to support the person in an appropriate manner and contact a named person listed on the back of the card to assist with supporting the person during their time in Police care.

On 11th May 2010 Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service launched their Alert Card Initiative and the Alert Car Sticker.  The sticker is to be placed with information facing inwards, blank side outwards, on the passenger side of the windscreen above the tax disc.  In the event of a Road Traffic Accident, Emergency services would be able to identify that a person with autism may be on board.

If you require further information on the Alert Card, or any other information, please contact the Community Access on 023 8063 3951.  The application form for the Alert Card is available to download here. Please return to:

Community Access - Autism Hampshire, 3 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 7DP.

The Autism Alert Programme won the iESE 2011 Award for the Police Project of the Year. 

The Autism Alert Programme launched the Autism Passport on the 21 April 2011 in addition to the Alert Card and Alert Car Sticker. Autism Hampshire with the agreement of the individual with Autism or their parent if under 16 are able to create a passport for them.  The Passport will be placed onto the Hampshire Constabulary’s Safety Net System and will allow Criminal Justice System professionals access to information and strategies to support the individual.  The creation of a passport will enable organisations and professionals to identify the communication needs of an individual and to improve the service received by victims and witnesses and to ensure that those within the criminal justice system are dealt with in an appropriate manner. Our partners involved in this are the Police, Police Authority, HMCS (Magistrates), Duty Solicitors, Youth Offending Team, HM Prison Winchester and Probation.

If you require further information on the Autism Passport or you wish to make an appointment with an Community Access Officer to create an Autism Passport, please contact the Community Access Department on 023 80 766162.

“I recently had to take advice from Autism Hampshire regarding a male that has autism, they provided excellent advice and support throughout our dealings with them and have been there for follow up advice when support was needed. It has never been too much trouble for them and has allowed us to identify ways of dealing with the male in question that helped both the male and the police. The autism Alert Card System that has been introduced will help police officers identify ways of assisting people with autism and as such will assist in helping us to help them.” ( PS 3501 Dorian Chapman, Meon Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team)

Widgit Easy Read Custody Sheet  

It is estimated that 20-30% of all offenders in the UK have learning difficulties or disabilities that interfere with their ability to cope within the criminal justice system. 

In order to meet the specific needs of detainees, Widgit, Autism Hampshire and Hampshire Police Constabulary workeed together to develop a series of 'easy read' symbol sheets for use in custody.

Independent research by the University of Southampton foudn that the response to the use of Widgit symbol sheets in police custody was postive.


Useful links


Widget Custody Sheet Research

The Widget Symbol Custody Sheet Pilot Project (Full Report)

The Widget Symbol Custody Sheet Pilot Project (Executive Summary)

The Widget Symbol Custody Sheet Summary

 Hampshire Healthwatch Consultation - GP, dentist and A&E services

Community Access (CA) Autism Hampshire, on behalf of Healthwatch Hampshire, have undertaken the consultation for this report which was completed in January 2016. The aim of the consultation was to give people with autism, their families and people who work with them the opportunity to share their views about their recent experiences of using General Practioner (GP), Dental and Accident and Emergency (A&E) services. The people consulted all live in Hampshire (excluding Portsmouth, Southampton and Isle of Wight). CA have interviewed people from across the county. In total 60 people took part in the consultation.

For more information about the consultation please contact the Community Access Department. Click here to download a copy of the report.

Criminal Justice System and Safeguarding Group 

The group is within the Criminal Justice System (CJS) / Safeguarding and has a member from all Departments within the CJS meeting to discuss and develop policies, procedures and training to enable people with autism passing through the CJS the support they require. Autism Hampshire is supporting and facilitating individuals, families and professionals in the CJS.

The group links into the Hampshire wide Autism Strategy (including Southampton, Portsmouth and Isle Of Wight) and reports developments to the Hampshire Autism Partnership Board. The Group develops and implements projects across CJS.

Autism Arts

This project is a partnership with Autism Hampshire and the The Mayflower Theatre to encourage and enable people with Autism to engage and access the theatre.

The project has developed annual Relaxed Pantomime viewings at the Mayflower Theatre and also develops and runs activities around theatre skills i.e acting, stage, etc.

The Autism Arts team have produced an access film to support people with autism to attend performances at the Mayflower Theatres. Community Acess volunteers took part in the film which can be viewed on the Mayflower Theatre website, on the accessibility page:

Local Autism Directory (LAD)

LAD is a signposting website page for Autism Specific Services and activities and has been developed in partnership with Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council, Isle Of Wight Council and CCG’s.

Click here to go straight to the LAD.

Click here to download a LAD leaflet.

Serendipity Social Groups

Many adults with High Functioning Autism or Aspergers have highlighted a need for more social groups. The Community Access team are working with local people who have autism and other partners to achieve this aim, through the ‘Serendipity Social Group Project’. The project is developing a network of social groups across the county. These groups are for adults who have autism, who want to develop a friendship network with other people who have autism.

If you would like to attend a group, want more information about the project or would like to volunteer to help with a group, please contact the Community Access team. Many volunteers and group facilitators are people with autism.

SO18 Big Local

Joint working with the SO18 Big Local team to develop better services for people in Harefiled, Townhill Park and Midanbury (Southampton).

FREE INFORMATION, ADVICE AND GUIDANCE SESSIONS!  ANYONE WITH AN INTEREST IN AUTISM WHO LIVES, WORKS OR USES SERVICES IN HAREFIELD, TOWNHILL PARK AND MIDANBURY IS WELCOME! For people with autism aged 16+, parents, family and professionals.  Townhill Park Community Centre (Meggeson Avenue, SO18 2FH, room 2), Tuesdays 6-8pm (2016). Attend all or just 1 of the sessions, places must be booked.

Click here to downlaod an information sheet.

19th April - Autism Facts and Myths

26th April - Adapting environments

3rd May - Communication - how it differs

10th May -  Sensory issues

Find out more about autism, practical ways to support, meet the team from Autism Hampshire to get information, advice and guidance and connect with other members of the autism community in your area.

These informal, friendly sessions are only open to people who live, work or use services in Harefield, Townhill Park or Midanbury. People with autism, parents, carers, friends, relatives and professionals are all welcome! You can attend all 4 sessions or just 1 or 2.

To book a place please contact the Autism Hampshire Community Access team:

Tel: 023 80 766162 email:

Address: 3 Bassett Avenue, Southampton, SO16 7DP

 Try Before You Buy

The Community Access team at Autism  Hampshire are developing a set of resources such as weighted blankets, ear defenders and compression vests, which can be viewed and borrowed  free of charge* for a  trial period. *Refundable deposit required.

Click here for an information leaflet


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“Community Access has been a lifeline for me, meeting other parents who share my stories and concerns with has made such a difference as before I felt very isolated. The Community Access Team are inspirational and do a great job” (Adrienne Hurley, parent, 2011)