Serendipity Community Groups

Small, community groups led by members and facilitated by volunteers

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What do the Serendipity Community Groups do?

Our Serendipity groups are a great way for autistic adults to meet in a supportive and non-judgmental setting. Each group is welcoming and encourages new members to join and participate in any way they feel able to. If a new member just wants to come to a group and listen to others, then that is respected and there is no expectation that every member needs to participate.

Some groups are delivered online, and some groups are delivered in person. All groups are facilitated by a trained volunteer as well as our Serendipity team and/or community partner organisations.

Our Serendipity groups are for all autistic adults aged 18+. Although we do have specific locations where the groups are delivered, you do not need to live in that area to join that group. You do not need to have an autism diagnosis to attend, it may be that you are on the pathway to diagnosis or feel that you are autistic. We understand that for some people, going through the diagnostic process is not for them.

Most people who attend the groups do so independently. Please speak to us in advance if you would like to or need to bring support with you to a group. You will need to be able to travel independently to/from the group or arrange your own transport.

By registering for Serendipity groups, you will need to agree to adhere to the Members Guidelines.

Serendipity groups meet regularly online and in person. You do not have to attend the group closest to where you live, you may want to attend any of the groups.

Please click the link below to see when there is a meeting in your area or online.

Serendipity Community Group Schedule

To join a Serendipity community group you will need to register as a member. By doing this, you are not committing to attend. Once you have registered as a member you will be provided with details about how to join the community groups. We run regular taster sessions for new members, to ensure that the group you attend is the right group for you.

It may be that our dedicated team would like to chat with you further about the suitability of the groups before you attend a taster session. The team will contact you if they need further information or would like to speak with you before attending. This is to make sure that the group is suited to your needs.

Equally, you can contact us on the below email if you have any questions.

To register as a member, you can do any of the following options:

1. Complete our Member Registration Form

of the team who will send you the registration form:

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Understanding Autism webinar

Serendipity Social Newsletter - Summer Edition

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Thoughts from members


"I like that I get to spend time with others with autism, knowing that others go through the same things you do"

"The only people I saw apart from my daughter and granddaughter were the people at the social group. It helped greatly."

"I enjoy everything about the groups - the people, the venues, the ability to socialise and to make new friends."

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