Specialist Mentoring Service

In partnership with the University of Portsmouth since 2008

Specialist Mentoring Support

If you would like to book your first appointment please email us on: ahspecialistmentoring@autismhampshire.org.uk

Our qualified Specialist Mentors offer 1:1 sessions with Higher Education students to empower them to:

  • Develop a better understanding and awareness of a their individual needs and how to ensure that these are met in university life and academic study
  • Design coping strategies and approaches that enable students to overcome barriers to learning and manage their studies successfully and independently
  • Create person-centred strategies that support with time management and organisation
  • Establish routines that promote positive wellbeing
  • Discover effective strategies that facilitate positive communication with university services, peers or a department or faculty Signposting to University and local services for support available when needed.

This DSA accredited service aims to empower students to develop condition specific strategies that enable them to overcome barriers to learning.

Specialist Mentoring can support with:

  • Developing a better understanding and awareness of the student’s condition and how it may impact on university life and academic study.
  • Developing coping strategies and approaches that enable students to manage their studies successfully and independently.
  • Reflecting on and reviewing progress towards achieving set aims throughout the academic year.
  • Identifying and reviewing action points
  • Time management and organisational planning
  • Signposting to University and local services for support available when needed.

Specialist Mentoring cannot support with:

  • Proofreading
  • Academic teaching
  • Counselling/ medical advice
  • Advocacy

However, students will be signposted to and supported to access the most appropriate services and support when needed.

We are currently delivering sessions remotely.

Feedback from our anonymous 2020-21 Student Survey


“Having these mentor sessions kept me on track and supported me when I wanted to bury my head in the sand. I don’t think I would of done as well in Uni without this support.”

“My mentor was always accepting of my struggles and happy to help provide techniques for things like work management and uni issues. It was also helpful that they made it as accessible as possible.”

“My mentor is very encouraging and helps to break down tasks and organise my time. They remind me of what is important to me which keeps me motivated.”

“Have felt like I have had a great network of support from many people and that my mentor has played a big part in this. They have really helped me manage many aspects of my university life this year.”

“Being able to talk to someone who can see everything from a different perspective. They have really helped me manage and organise my time and feel like my tasks were more achievable after talking to them in the Mentoring Sessions.”



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