Bereavement Resources for Adults

Resources for adults

Psychology today - A blog by an autistic adult on their experience of bereavement

Thinking autism guide - An article about the differences between autistic and neurotypical grief, the article also offers suggestions of things to do, which may help.

Pensive Aspie - An article about bereavement differences between autistic and neurotypical grief

The arc, autism now is an article about the universal experience of bereavement and the unique challenges that autism can bring. The writer reflects on her experiences of grief and the process that she went through.

Online and telephone support

Cruse bereavement support provides bereavement support for everyone. They also have advice on bereavement during lockdown.Cruse have developed a series of information sheets about coronavirus and grief. They provide clear and simple explanations about the potential impact of coronavirus on bereavement and funerals:

The Loss Foundation offers support to people bereaved by cancer or coronavirus. The website includes explanations about bereavement and online and telephone support.

Mind bereavement supportMind have put together some information about self care and bereavement. When people are bereaved it is often very hard to find the energy to look after themselves so this resource can be very important in the early weeks and months following bereavement.

Grounding technique

Grounding Technique.pdf

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