Bereavement resources for children

Calming Exercises.pdf

The Calming exercises pdf may be helpful to do throughout the day to help them to release tension and relax. It may be that initially they are only able to do one exercise and that is ok. The exercises can be done in any order and it is fine for them to chose the order. When they are learning the exercises, it is best to do them with them when they are feeling calm and are able to focus.

Animal themed exercises to relieve tension.pdf

The animal themed exercises pdf may be helpful for children to try when they are feeling overwhelmed by grief and the strong emotions it can be produce. These exercises are a great way to release tension quickly as they are very active. A lot of tension gets held in the body and when we release it, this calms the body and our minds. It can also help to get the children to focus on how their body is moving as that changes the focus from thoughts and memories, which they may or may not be aware of. It may help the child if the whole family do the exercise, or they may prefer to do them on their own or with one or two people.However, they chose to do it, is fine.

Coping Skills.pdf

The coping skills pdf offers a visual prompt for children to chose activities that they enjoy. It can be very hard for children (and adults) to think of things and the visual prompt can be helpful as it gives them ideas of what to do.

Death and Dying Social Stories.pdf

The death and dying social stories pdf offers a suggestion of a social story. It may not be right for your family but may give ideas for how to write one for your child.

Grief Work Emotions.pdf

The grief work emotions pdf can be used to help children identify how they are feeling.

Grounding Technique.pdf

The grounding technique pdf can be used to help children to bring their focus of attention back into the present and the situation that they are in. This can be really helpful when they are overwhelmed by thoughts or emotions. It is best to practice this initially when they are calm so that they know how to do it.

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