Facemask Exemption Card

Printable card for all autistic people to use in shops or on public transport

From 24th July, the government has made it mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and supermarkets, as well as on public transport. This is to be enforced by the police, with the risk of a fine for non-compliance.

However, a number of people are exempt from wearing face covering:

  • those for whom wearing a face covering would cause distress
  • those with disabilities
  • children under 11
  • those with breathing difficulties

A full list has yet to be released, but Autism Hampshire has issued a face covering exemption card for anyone on the autism spectrum. This card can be printed and carried around, or else used as a badge to wear when out and about.

For further information relating to the issues with face coverings for autistic people, please refer to the following article: Face Masks - Barriers in communication for autistic people

Printable card

For the printable card, please use the link below. The card has been designed to be about the size of a credit card, to fit into most people's purses and wallets. Please check the document is set to print at its actual size. The cards can then be stuck back to back to make one double-side card, or else pinned to clothing as a badge.

Autism Hampshire facemask exemption card

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