Support during the coronavirus

During the coronavirus you may find the following support helpful:

Contact our Helpline if you need advice, support or information.

Apply for an Autism Alert Card - This yellow card should be carried at all times and shown to the police or emergency services in the case of an incident, enabling them to offer appropriate support and contact a named person listed on the back of the card.There are no age limits for the card.For more information please phone 02380 766162 or email

Apply for our Spectra5 Autism Assistant App This App is designed to help you when you need support from the police or emergency services. It can help you feel safer in situations that you find challenging and enable you to communicate more effectively.Spectra5 can also be helpful in your daily life including work, education and leisure.For more information about the App please phone 02380 766162 or email apply for the App please use this link

The National Autistic Society provides a Hospital Passport - ‘My Health Passport’ – which is a resource for autistic people who might need hospital treatment.

I am autistic.pdf Staying at home.pdf Keeping away from people.pdf Shielding.pdf Managing anxiety.pdf Hospital passport one page profile.docx Public Understanding.docx Top 10 Tips for the Autism Community in Managing Covid-19.pdf Top Tips for utilising special interests during the Covid-19 restrictions.docx

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