Autism Awareness Week 2020​ (30 March - 5 April)

To celebrate Autism Awareness Week we have asked a autistic people to share how they will be celebrating Autism Awareness Week. Throughout the week we will share their thoughts, ideas and initiatives.

James walks 10,000 steps each day of Autism Awareness Week

We are delighted that 10 year old James has chosen to support Autism Hampshire during Autism Awareness Week with a huge challenge – to walk 10,000 steps each day of Autism Awareness Week to raise awareness of autism and also raise money for Autism Hampshire. This is not an easy challenge at any time but even more so at the moment. James was diagnosed with autism in 2017 and this challenge means everything to him to prove to himself that he can do it as well as helping other people at the same time by raising funds for Autism Hampshire. Please join us in cheering James on with his challenge and if you’d like to make a donation please go to

Lauren's clothing line

During Autism Awareness Week we are delighted to share Lauren’s story with you. Lauren has her own clothing business and we are delighted to support her with a concession at our Serendipity Charity Shop in Fareham. Please click on the link below to hear Lauren’s story.

Leigh Taylor's Story

Leigh Taylor shares his experiences from his journey to diagnosis and the opportunities he discovered post-diagnosis.

Autism Awareness Presentation

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