10 volunteers from Lead Forensics spruce up one of our supported living gardens

10th March 2023

There’s something about a well-maintained garden that can lighten anyone’s heart, and Autism Hampshire likes to ensure that the gardens of our supported living accommodations provide a peaceful and pleasant place in which to relax.

So we were incredibly grateful to 10 volunteers from Lead Forensics for all their hard work sprucing up one of our gardens that were looking less than welcoming.

Armed with their own gardening tools (sadly the service owns only one pair of shears!), the volunteers arrived on 9th February and got stuck in for the day.

While several of them tidied up the planting, taking out a bush, trimming the border plants, and clearing the brambles, others painted the benches and front fence with paint they had bought themselves. And here we’d like to say thank you for that donation, it’s really appreciated.

We also have to say thank you to the Southampton branch of John Lewis & Partners, who donated money that was used to buy plants and soil, which the wonderful volunteers made good use of, before clearing everything up at the end of the day and taking their leave.

The Senior Support Worker at the house commented afterward, “The change in the garden has already encouraged the people we support to spend more time outside and it will have a positive impact on their mental health.”

She added, “They love the garden and the parents are really impressed too.”

Thank you, Lead Forensics, for your wonderful staff members, whose volunteering efforts have created a big impact on the people we support.

Take a look at some of the before and after pictures of the difference brought about in the garden.

Autism Hampshire is always grateful for volunteers, whether it’s groups of people from a company or community group or individuals who just want to help make a positive impact on the lives of autistic people.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact fundraising@aurtismhampshire.org.uk

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