We have been delighted by the response to our #AutismHeroes campagin and all of the nominations we have received. We want to celebrate and raise awarness of all of the Autism Heroes out there so have included all of your nominations in our Hall of Fame. The world is a better place for having these heroes in it.

Please enjoy part 2 of Autism Heroes Hall of Fame.

Jack and Carrie-anne

"Mine would be one of my sons Jack because no matter what struggles he faces he reminds me to see the world in a different way and also my best friend Carrie-anne because when my son was at pre-school he was judged for his behaviour and even when he was challenging she would show him the love and compassion every child needs and deserves especially children on the spectrum  ❤️ 4-5 years later and they are still close. She wasn’t someone I knew when he joined there but seeing how great she was with him made me realise how special she is because she made him realise how special he is. The world needs more people like them all  ❤"

Thank you for your nominations Joanne.

Nikola Tesla

Luke's nomination was "Nikola Tesla of course, such a cool dude and an endless amount of contributions and inventions."

Thank you for your nomination Luke.


 "I have to nominate my son. He's just turned 15 .He's overcome so many struggles in his life .Last October after a four year fight with depression he was able to come of his antidpressents .He's doing so well. He is currently helping get his dad back to health after he's had a month in hospital with pnemonia and an operation on his lung. He's also trying really hard to attend school one afternoon a week after his outreach worker who helped him so much passed away x" 

Thank you for your nomination Paula.


"My hero is my 10 year old son Callum. He has had such a dramatic year,he was diagnosed with autism December just gone and is struggling to come to terms with things. He doesn't understand that he sees the world different to us which iv explained it's ok to be different because if everyone in the world was the same the world would be boring. He has also been bullied at school for being different which I'm in the middle of changing schools as they aren't giving him the support he needs. He also here voices which aren't very nice. Callum is my hero because even though he has been though so much in such a short space of time he never fails to put a smile on my face and he's always trying to help others even when others are being horrible to him. Callum is such an inspiration and I'm learning about autism with him and iv told him we are doing this together and he spent have to feel alone anymore. This is Callum on world.book day even though he doesn't look happy he is xx"

Thank you for your nomination Lacey


"I’d like to nominate my son Jordan, he is my hero and an inspiration to others, he doesn’t let his ASD get in the way of anything and he helps others who aren’t as independent to work through their challenges. He has just achieved his dream of going on holiday without me and coped amazingly even when they were evacuated due to a bomb scare."

Thank you for your nomination Jayne.


"I have nominated my son Riley. He has just turned 6 and he is the strongest little boy I have ever met. I was in a bad relationship which resulted in him being in a not so nice family surrounding, shouting, arguing and he always held it together. We are now out of that horrible situation and whenever I’m down he always seems to makes everything better he is so caring and always puts everyone els before him self I honestly don’t know what I would of done without him these past few weeks xx"

Thank you for your nomination Georgia-louise.


When Leigh considered who his Autism Hero was it was a close call. "Gosh, so many to choose from .... Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton ...

By a sliver my autism hero would be Alan Turing. The power of his brain industrialised the cracking of Nazi codes thus shortening the war and saving hundreds of thousands of lives."

Thank you for your nomination Leigh.


"My autism hero is my son since he came into my life he's made me smile laugh cry look at life more clearly and most of all enjoy the little things which take time #swaylee

Thank you to all of you that nominated your heroes over the past few weeks. It has been great to read about so many amazing people on the autism spectrum. People who have made significant contributions to our world and who continue to make positive contributions to all our lives. #AutismAwarenessWeek