This week to coinside with Autism Awareness Week we have started the launch of our new brand.

Our website is in major need of a revamp and it made sense to refresh our brand prior to rebuilding our site.
We decided to partner with Studio Republic, an ethical creative agency, on this exciting journey who listened to our needs and got under the skin of our organisation in order to provide us with a new look that we feel represents our organisation well.

Our new icon is a symbol of safety and partnership with the shapes forming a bond by working closely together. This reflects the care and support Autism Hampshire give. The formation of the hexagonal shape builds a shield like structure to reflect the safety of Autism Hampshire but also communicates inclusion with the components which are used to form its shape. The icon is a fun, unique and recognisable shape which shows creativity and can be used as a clear visual identifier for Autism Hampshire.

The colours in the icon are bright and positive reflecting aspiration, whilst also illustrating the diversity of those on the autism spectrum.

We hope that everyone will enjoy this new look and feel and will enjoy the new website when it is complete.