Autism Hampshire in partnership with Southampton City Council will be holding 5 free Autism Support and Information workshops for families of children and young people with autism, across Southampton.

Workshop Details

The aim of the sessions are to provide advice and support on the various aspects of autism that parents could encounter during a child’s assessment or following their diagnosis. Each session will cover a different aspect of autism with the aim of increasing the understanding of each child’s unique way of looking at the world, and how this may show itself in how a child behaves.

It is beneficial to start at the beginning and work through the 5 sessions, as they are designed to create a context for the final session which focuses on behaviour.

If, however, you are unable to attend any of the workshops, there will be the option to catch up on the next course.

What will happen at the group?

Each workshop session is 2 ½ hours long. The first part consists of a presentation after which there will be an opportunity to put questions to a panel comprising representatives from Autism Hampshire and a person experienced in workshop’s key topic.

If you prefer a less public forum, you may also book a 5 minute 1:1 slot with any of the panel members.