Serendipity Social Groups

Small, user led social groups, facilitated by volunteers

Our Social Groups

In 2013 Autism Hampshire started a project to develop a cross county network of social groups for adults on the autism spectrum, which we named the Serendipity Social Group project. Our pilot group at the Highlands Hub in Fareham is still going strong.

The Serendipity Social groups are small, user led social groups, facilitated by volunteers. The groups are for adults who would traditionally be considered to have high functioning autism or Asperger’s syndrome. There are groups across the county and many of the groups are led by people who are on the autism spectrum. The team at Autism Hampshire support the volunteer facilitators and help to co-ordinate the groups.

The project was funded for 2 years by the Three Guineas Trust and Hampshire County Council. It was very important for us to find a way to create a sustainable model, hence the use of volunteers and free community venues such as libraries, pubs or community cafes. Autism Hampshire are committed to continue to provide a co-ordinator for the groups who supports the existing volunteers and the development of new groups.

For up to date information about the Serendipity Social Groups, including times and dates, you can look at the Serendipity Social Groups Facebook page or contact Autism Hampshire Community Access.

If you would like to volunteer and run a group in your area do get in touch. We are keen to start as many groups as possible.

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