Autism Alert Programme

Autism Alert Programme

The Autism Alert Programme was launched in 2008, to ensure that people who are on the autism spectrum get the support they need, should they find themselves in any type of contact with the police or emergency services.

Hampshire residents of any age who can provide proof of an autism diagnosis or a letter of support from a professional, can apply to Autism Hampshire for a free Autism Alert card, car sticker and app.

The card and app have also proved to also be useful in a variety of everyday situations. Users told us:

“The card speaks for me when I can’t.”

“I get the card ready in my hand when I know I am going into a stressful situation.”

“My app helps me to reinforce the fact I have autism when disclosing the matter with friends and colleagues.”

“We had a car accident. I was dazed and confused but the emergency services were brilliant. They saw the yellow car sticker and asked straight away “who has autism?” They really helped my 15 year old son who has Aspergers to stay calm and not run off down the motorway.”

For more information and to apply for the card, sticker or app contact the Autism Hampshire Community Access team.

Statistics show that people who are on the autism spectrum are more likely to come into contact with the police, both as offenders, victims and witnesses of crime. Autism Hampshire have worked in closely partnership with Hampshire Constabulary since 2007 and more recently with the Liaison and Diversion team, who provide support to vulnerable people who come into custody or go to court. Our aim is to ensure that people on the autism spectrum have equal access to services and are provided with appropriate support when they most need it.

  • The Hampshire Staff Officer to the Police and Crime Commissioner is Strategic Lead for Autism Nationally
  • Autism Hampshire CEO lead for Criminal Justice with the Autism Alliance
  • 100s of police staff have received autism awareness training
  • All Hampshire residents have free access to the Autism Alert Programme resources (see below for more information)
  • 32 Autism Ambassadors recruited
  • First police force to be working towards National Autistic Society Accreditation.
  • Hampshire Constabulary have adopted an autism policy for recruitment & retention
  • Resources developed to support people on the autism spectrum in police custody

Spectra5 is an app specifically designed to help people on the autism spectrum which will soon be available free of charge to Hampshire residents. It is designed to enable people to easily share information about individual needs, assist with scheduling and provide links to local autism services and information. It is an improved version of the current app and part of the Autism Alert Programme.

To create Spectra5 our technical partners at Crimson Tide have adapted their Mpro5 platform which is used by many large commercial businesses. They host our app as part of their charity work and corporate responsibility, which enables us to provide Spectra5 free of charge for Hampshire residents.

The Autism Alert Programme is provided in partnership with Hampshire Constabulary. Please see the information about our development work in the Criminal Justice system for more information about the Autism Alert Programme card, sticker and app.

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