It has been a couple of weeks now since six fantastic supporters of ours decided to run 26.2 miles through London in aid of Autism Hampshire. And whilst everyones legs are now on the way to making a full revocery, the fundraising keeps on coming in.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Theresa, David, Barry, Hayley, Terry and Becky for all of their dedication and determination, for all of the hours spent training and fundraising and for heading up to the capital and representing Autism Hampshire on the streets of London. 

We wanted to share with you a few of the words and stories that our runners shared with us and let you know that you too could run a marathon for Autism Hampshire if you put your mind and body to the task.

Becky wasn't sure that she wanted to run the marathon or that she would get a space when her sister decided that they should run the marathon together. Becky contacted us and got a last minute place in February! You can read more about Becky's marathon journey here

After the marathon we asked Becky how she felt and she told us " (My) Legs are recovering slowly and I think it is all just starting to sink in! Can't believe it's over and I did it!"  

Terry - "What an experience! It was though and very testing and well worth it for the feeling once you cross that finish line and have that medal around your neck! Thank you to Autism Hampshire for giving me the opportunity to run for them and raise important funds for your charity!"


Theresa - "Sunday was the toughest most rewarding thing I have ever done.  My left hip injury started to hurt at mile 2, but I pushed on and got a time I am so proud of (6:32 and it was at least 30 minutes faster than expected based on my previous long runs)"

David chose to run for Autism Hampshire for his young nephew Corey who has been diagnosed with Autism and was there to cheer David on his run.

Barry -"it was an emotional and amazing experience and something I will always treasure. To be fair it was a lot harder than I expected but I completed it in a fairly good time. Running for a charity that meant something to me made the experience all the more fulfilling especially as I was running for my grandson who has Autism"

Hayley - "I found it pretty hard going, especially after mile 17 when I started to feel nacious - but it was a fabulous feeling when I finished. I was hoping to run it in 5 - 6hours, i'd have been happy with 6 hours but I completed it in just under 5hours. In the evening after a bath I felt so so proud"

Thank you again Theresa, David, Barry, Hayley, Terry and Becky.